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We are proud of our dedication to sustainability and high quality, which is reflected in the materials we use to make our clothing. These carefully chosen materials demonstrate our commitment to offering premium, eco-friendly menswear by making sure every ASASI item feels nice to wear in addition to looking beautiful.


Rayon Twill: Our shirts crafted from top-notch rayon twill offer a soft, smooth feel against your skin, along with a sophisticated drape that adds an extra touch of elegance. Perfect for warmer days and evenings, rayon twill ensures comfort without compromising on style.

Cotton-Linen Blend: The perfect mix of comfort and style, our garments made from a cotton-linen blend offer sophistication with an easygoing vibe. Whether you're out for a laid-back evening or just taking it easy, these shirts are your go-to choice.

Premium Goat Leather: Our slides crafted from premium goat leather are the epitome of comfort and class. Soft yet sturdy, these slides are built to last, making them the ideal choice for any occasion.


We're committed to transparency and accountability in our material sourcing practices. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure full traceability and ethical production standards, so you can feel good about the clothing you wear.