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ASASI. embodies effortless style and functionality in high-quality men's resort wear, prioritising comfort and timeless style, while embracing sustainable clothing. From meticulously tailored linen pants to eco-friendly summer outfits, our range is designed to enhance your Bali wardrobe. 


Composed of passionate individuals, our team at ASASI is committed to curating men's clothing of the finest quality, representing sustainability and classic style. Every member, from our designers who meticulously craft each garment to our dedicated staff who offer personalized style advice, is dedicated to ensuring our customers experience the ASASI difference firsthand. Our shared vision of fusing comfort, skill, and functionality inspires us to create collections that capture the distinct spirit of Bali menswear.


Meet Chris, our specialist in e-commerce and systems. With a logical approach and a keen eye for detail, Chris ensures a seamless online shopping experience for our customers. His expertise in design and sustainability contributes to ASASI's commitment to quality and innovation.

Next, say hello to the face of ASASI, Kelly. Our seasoned fashion expert is not just a pretty face. Kelly comes equipped with years of experience as an international model and entrepreneur, bringing a unique perspective to our team. His passion for style and dedication to excellence drive ASASI's pursuit of timeless elegance and sophistication.

Together, Chris and Kelly, along with our entire team, collaborate to bring ASASI's vision to life. With their expertise and dedication, we continue to uphold our commitment to quality, sustainability, and classic style, ensuring that every ASASI garment reflects the essence of Bali menswear.